Game Review: Unreal Tournament 3

Whether playing the campaign with its AI controlled multiplayer mayhem or online against the real thing you will be in for a fast paced frenzy of a Sci-Fi shoot out.
Ratings: Graphics amp; Audio: 20/25, Gameplay: 22/25, Creativity 22/25, Fun 23/25
Total: 89/100

Unreal Tournament 3 does not make huge changes to the steadfast formula of people duking it out with futuristic weapons on unreal landscapes. It does change the gameplay up some, adds a few new game types but follows the classic formula for fun in online multiplayer gaming.

Unreal Tournament 3 follows quite closely on the heels of the previous Unreal Tournament games and does not vary from the gameplay and fast paced multiplayer combat that makes the game such a hit. With a decent campaign to show you the ropes of the games play and how to use each weapon and game type you get a good grounding in training. The campaign is a fresh look and a new way to get you involved in the games various features as well as a good training.

You can start in on the fun multiplayer gaming or start on the campaign that introduces you to a decent story line and tougher and tougher missions that are all the various game types you can play in the multiplayer game. They have created a nice storyline of revenge against attackers of your colony but it does not go much beyond that. It gives you a reason for your battles and gets you used to the gameplay and weapons as well as an introduction into the new game types.

The campaign is nice for those that have not played Unreal Tournament before or as a refresher to the game if you have been absent from the Unreal world for long. The Campaign uses the unique but simple story to introduce and place you in each combat scene but the scenes are your various multiplayer games on the whole gambit of maps just using the AI controlled bots.

You can change the difficulty of the bots from ignore everything around them unless standing in front to deadly accurate max difficulty. The campaign adds that tutorial feel but in a story driven way to add a unique enough chance to get your feet wet and be enjoyable to play. The real benefit of the campaign is in the introduction of the new Warfare game type as well as getting practice with the new Transporter gun.

The gameplay revolves around your basic multiplayer first person shooter and uses a variety of game types with deathmatch and capture the flag being the common types you know and love. Warfare is a basic battle against bases where you need to capture power nodes and then destroy the main power core of your enemy’s base. There is also the common capture the flag as well as a new vehicle capture the flag on larger maps with a good variety of vehicles at your disposal. The maps vary and are different for each set of games as well as small and large according to the games type.

Maps range from smaller ones for the deathmatch and team deathmatch to the largest of the Warfare with plenty of areas to hide and use all the various gun types well. There is enough room in the vehicle maps to use each vehicle to its best and the games use of various landscapes adds to the difficulty of many game types. They have kept games like the vehicle capture the flag interesting by being able to pick up the flag while riding the hover board as well as having areas those vehicles cannot go.

The weapons are also your general alien type futuristic shooters with a good variety to match a broad range of play styles with the addition of a few new ones. They have changed the shield gun from the previous game to an impact hammer for destroying vehicles but it is basically a small change and not really that important. In the capture the flag games you get the Translocator that teleports you wherever you shoot the small disc that the gun propels several dozen meters from you.

This adds a unique gameplay style to be able to run into an area rise several levels up or cross a room in a few easy hops using the Transloctaor and grab the flag for a quick retreat. Other weapons are your standard fare from previous Unreal gaming with a few changes to some and a few different weapons added.

Graphics and audio are really good but again nothing that is over the top or drastically changed from Unreal Tournament 2004 but when you do have a good thing going, why change it. Unreal Tournament 3 has taken a basic formula of a game that works and works well and made enough changes to keep it fresh and new but with nothing that required reinventing the game so much that they had too much work to do.

The games fresh look and similar but different enough style keeps the Unreal series alive and kicking with a good game that will be a standard for a few years, or at least until the next installment. Unreal Tournament 3 stays fresh and alive and is a must for gamers who enjoy a basic multiplayer game that works very well and is new and fresh enough to keep you entertained for hours.